About Shop Shaker

Shop Shaker is a happy little place where work and life meet. Where you can support local business and foster your community. Where you can find what you need without traveling.

How do I sign-up?

Visit our Sign Up page and fill out the form. By entering in your information, you can add your business and include details like location, hours and phone number.

How do I add Shop Shaker to my home-screen on my iPhone/iPad?

Click on the actions button at the top or bottom of safari (it looks like a box with an arrow coming out) Select "Add to Home Screen"

How do I use the Map?

You can search based on business name or address, or scroll through the Shaker Heights map by zooming in ( + ) or out ( - ). You can also use pinch your fingers to zoom on mobile devices.

How do I add Shop Shaker to my home-screen on an Android?

Bookmark the page you want to add to a home screen Open the browser "bookmarks" screen Long-press the bookmark you want Select “Add to Home Screen”

Why can't I find the business I am looking for?

It is possible the business is not entered into the Shop Shaker database or is not in Shaker Heights. Email us at contact@shop-shaker.com and let us know if you feel there is a business that should be included.

Why isn't my business listed on the site?

Have you signed up? If not, create an account to have you business added to the Shop Shaker database. If so, we may be in the process of approving the business and migrating it into the app.

Can home based businesses sign-up for Shop Shaker?

Yes! Shop Shaker is perfect for home based businesses. If you do not want your address visible, just click the box on the digital form. The site administrator does need to know your address though, so please include it when filling out the digital form.

My business is located in Cleveland. Can I list it on Shop Shaker?

If your business is located in the Larchmere Boulevard or Shaker Square commercial districts, then yes, your business may be listed on Shop Shaker.

How can I maximize my Shop Shaker listing?

Download this PDF and follow the suggestions.